Hey, sweet things.

So, you're researching photographers.  
That sounds HARD.

There are 900 million 398 thousand 242 of them, probably. 

But here, you'll see what I'm all about.  
What my clients are all about.
How we work together and make

It's important, ridiculous, explosive, perfect. This is forever.
Let me help you keep forever forever. 


Quirky, In your face, Love-bursting, colorful, manic, perfect, extreme-sport-worthy craziness. You have that? I got this. Cameras ready. 

Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are often days and days of colorful, flavorful and raucous celebrations which require intense concentration and passion for each moment. I love it so much I could explode.  But I won't.  Not until after your wedding.

Other Goodies

I do other things too. It is known.
Here you will find engagement shoots, inspiration shoots and other such things.